“First of all I would like to Congratulate Anunaad for taking up this initiative. We perform on different platforms. It is not uncommon to encounter many problems such as inadequate publicity, Insuffcient arrangements relating to lodging, Stage set-up, Acoustics etc. We look forward to Anunaad as a solution to these obstacles. I shall always be willing to perform in any event organized by Anunaad.”

- Rahul Solapurkar

“Grand efforts with renewed zeal to rejuvenate the Musical culture in the historical town of Ahmednagar by Anunaad are highly appreciated. We have sponsored this activity to promote this forgotten art & culture and to fulfil the thirst of the listeners for Music. We appeal to the patrons of Music and listeners at large to be part of this noble cause by membership or by any other monitory contributions. This is to protect, preserve and promote our Musical heritage which we need to propagate to our future generations”.

- Pradeep Gandhi (Owner, Kohinoor Cloth Store)

“Anunaad has created an excellent platform for Music, Dance and Drama. With all the other aspects of an event organized meticulously the artist can totally concentrate on his performance. I feel assured that you will organize varied programmes of excellent standards. It shall always be a pleasure to visit Ahmednagar to perform any of these events.”

- Mrunmayee Deshpande

“Let me congratulate & wish the members of Anunaad all the best in their activity undertaken. The effort put in by these youngsters to preserve our art & culture is truly commendable. As known to all, abundance of finance is the driving force behind success of most of the activities. I hereby urge all the members in the industry to come forward and lend a helping hand to Anunaad.”

- Shri. Pramod Chaudhari, (Chairman, Praj Industries Limited)